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    Damien Giraud

    Damien Giraud is vice president of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for Global Aftermarket Services Division (GASD) within Services, Distribution & Digital (SD&D).

    Giraud joined Caterpillar in 1998, following a seven-year career with Colas Group, a French civil engineering and construction firm. During his 20 years with Caterpillar, he has held a series of marketing and product management roles including vice president of Global Construction & Infrastructure (GCI). In 2019, the Caterpillar Board of Directors appointed Giraud as vice president of Global Aftermarket Solutions Division, which supports the aftermarket for Cat? customers in Resource Industries, Energy & Transportation, and Construction Industries through sales and marketing.

    Giraud has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ecole Des Mines, Saint Etienne, France and a master’s degree from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. A native of France who speaks four languages, he has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, and is currently based in Chicago, IL.

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